Welcome to our new AMiiVA website, home of the first portable bicycle designed and manufactured in France.

Because we will run out of clean air long before we run out of oil, because we think personal mobility deserves better than Titanic age technology solutions. We feel confident that the technology solutions we have developed to built our portable bikes will offer you a better bicycle riding experience.

AMiiVA is proud to be part of the «green mobility». We encourage any initiative to promote multi modal transport solutions such as combining using a bike with the bus or train. We are running out of time, it's time to make changes or «by the mid-2030s we will need the equivalent of 2 planets to maintain our life style».

Let's all choose the easier changes now, not the hard changes later. The «green mobility» is ON!

These pages will tell you a little bit about us and the HingeniousTM technology behind our bikes.

AMiiVA is a more than a bike, it's a Personal Mobility Assistant (PMA) that fit into your every day life to become your best green companion Anytime, Anywhere.

About us: Philosophy